Young Business People

Young Business People

Young business people program (YBP)

Cornwalls understands the essential role that relationships hold for businesses, and recognises the importance of networking for professional careers.

The YBP initiative was established in 2001 and runs out of the Melbourne Office. The purpose of this program is to encourage networking for the young professionals both at Cornwalls and in the wider professional community. Members are encouraged to attend events and invite people from their networks.

Young Business People

Our YBP program is designed to assist and encourage our young lawyers – and our clients’ young business people – to build their professional networks in a relaxed environment. The program also helps us to gain a better understanding of our clients and their needs, which allows us to enhance their success.

YBP hosts various functions throughout the year. Our young lawyers and clients come together to develop lasting relationships and share knowledge, having fun in the process. These relationships provide important benefits as their careers progress.

Like to attend one of our events?

If you would like to attend our events or find out more about YBP, please email and will be added to the YBP mailing list.

Richard Hutchings

Partner, Melbourne

Evelyn Ooi

Senior Associate, Melbourne