Our Community


As a firm we are dedicated to our community. Our sense of community starts at home and extends naturally into areas of society that may benefit from our assistance. Supporting communities is a passion that runs deep within the firm. We give our people the opportunity to participate in causes that are close to their hearts. By being supportive – rather than prescriptive – we are able to inspire greater participation within the firm and, collectively, contribute more to the communities that we hold dear.


The Cornwalls Foundation was established in 2011, in line with our dedication to the community. The Foundation’s purpose is to enrich and enhance the lives of others by supporting focused, local and community-based activities in the areas of education, health and the environment.

Through the Foundation, all staff – both current and alumni – have the opportunity to help those in need. Our people obtain professional enhancement by their involvement in local activities and projects, and enjoy making a difference to the communities around them.


Cornwalls has a long tradition of performing pro bono legal work, including providing advice on a no fee or reduced fee basis and assisting not for profit organisations on a voluntary basis.

Our pro bono scheme allows us to provide legal services (free of charge or at a reduced rate) to disadvantaged persons or organisations, for the public good, on matters of broad public or community concern, or to not for profit organisations with which the firm may or may not have an existing relationship.

Through our scheme, we make available our skills, talents, people and resources to individuals or organisations that may otherwise not have access to them. In turn, the scheme benefits our people by giving them professional development opportunities and experience, and allows them to contribute to people in need.

In addition, we have established a working group to develop and refine our community initiatives. The team is implementing new systems and processes  to achieve that goal and enhance our community support


We are proud of our firm’s culture; our people are happy and willing to contribute their time and efforts in giving back to the community. Many of our employees have taken up board member appointments for not for profit organisations, providing hundreds of hours of pro bono legal advice each year.

In addition to the work performed through our pro bono scheme, our people also contribute to our communities in their personal lives. We are proud to have advised and supported countless organisations through our people’s ongoing dedication.

As part of our commitment to the community, we also regularly donate to various charities, not for profit organisations and community projects. We have a dedicated working group that focuses on developing and refining our community initiatives, and we are focused on offering ongoing community support in the spirit of good will.