Cornwalls & Jadig Finance – a partnership built from the ground up

How have you adapted to industry changes over the years?

Nick: In recent years, the biggest changes are the rapid speed that transactions come to market and the ever present and instant communication available. Here, lawyers in their 70s recall writing letters and waiting at least seven days for a response, but today we’re used to close to immediate service. The market is competitive, and you have to be up to speed because the difference is your client missing out on a job.

How important is trust in our industry?

Nick: Historically, the perception of finance and lawyers has been mixed. Just because someone knows how to write a loan agreement doesn’t mean they’ve factored in that their client’s business is to make a return to their investors and close a transaction. To me, you have to balance being process-driven and hard on price with a relationship focus. Relationships that become partnerships are something we pride ourselves on, and we feel we’re aligned with Jadig too.

What’s your measure of success working with Jadig?

Nick: What has been most impressive is how quickly Jadig Finance and Simple Property Loans have developed, with exponential growth in a short period of time. That’s phenomenal, and it would appear seamlessly, although there has obviously been some hard work behind the scenes. The fact that we are there supporting, that makes me really proud.

Nick Amore

Partner, Melbourne