Last step of Victoria’s Roadmap to Reopening

24 November 2020

As Victoria recorded its 24th consecutive day with no new cases yesterday, changes that represent the last step in the state’s path toward ‘COVID normal’ came into effect. Across the board, sectors can now open and Victorians can plan their summer with more certainty.

The new statewide last step restrictions include:

  • A quarter of staff currently working from home can return to the workplace (subject to density limits) from 30 November to keep our public transport system operating without crowding. Public service workers will remain under the setting ‘if you can work from home, you must work from home’ to increase capacity for the private sector. You can find sector-specific guidance here.
  • Face masks are no longer required outdoors, except where physical distancing cannot be maintained, though they must be carried.
  • Up to 15 visitors per day can visit a household, either together or separately (to be increased to 30 per day from 11:59pm, 13 December – in time for Christmas and the closing days of Hanukkah).
  • Higher education and training can return to campus for summer programs.
  • For smaller hospitality venues (less than 200 square metres), the indoor density limit has changed to one person for every two square metres – up to 50 patrons – and QR code record keeping has become mandatory. For larger venues, the indoor cap has increased to 150 patrons. The total venue capacity has also risen to 300 patrons (including both indoor and outdoor spaces).
  • For weddings, funerals, religious ceremonies, community facilities (including libraries), physical recreation and community sport (contact or non-contact) and indoor entertainment (including cinemas, small theatres and small galleries), the cap has also increased to 150 people indoors (subject to density limits).
  • The cap for indoor and outdoor pools has increased to 150 and 300 patrons respectively (again, subject to density limits).
  • Major cultural institutions and large venues (more than 600 fixed seating capacity) can open at a quarter capacity (subject to density limits, except in areas covered by a proportion of fixed seated capacity).
  • Public events may occur in accordance with a Public Events Framework. For events involving more than 500 attendees, an application process applies.

Further easing of restrictions is expected on 6 December, when the State of Emergency will end.

If you have any concerns or questions regarding the above matters – or beyond – please reach out to your Cornwalls contact.