Corporate Governance in the not-for-profit space: A Tri-Peaks presentation 

Cornwalls presented a webinar earlier this month relating to Corporate Governance in the not-for-profit and charity space for Tri-Peaks. 

The Tri-Peaks Project is a collaboration between the Victorian Alcohol & Drug Association, the Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare, and the Victorian Healthcare Association. 

The webinar focused on Australia’s emergence from COVID-19and was joined by over 75 not-for-profit organisations in the health sector.  

Cornwalls Partners Dean Katz, Radhika Kanai, Martin Alden, along with Special Counsel David Kreltszheim, provided their legal insights and considerations in regards to: board director duties, liability and the safe harbour provisions; OH&S and duty-of-care for staff during the pandemic and looking at return to work; and considerations regarding privacy and data for employees, members and customers of not-for-profits in an increasingly digital world.  

Congratulations to Dean, Radhika, Martin, and David on a successful and engaging presentation.  

Presentation Recording  

Click here to view the full presentation and accompanying slides.