Cornwall Stodart now Cornwalls to offer Law + More

  • Cornwalls brings together law offices in Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane
  • Cornwalls Capital to offer robust multi-disciplinary practice

Cornwall Stodart has revealed a new brand to Cornwalls  Law + More. The new brand identity signals the next chapter in the firm’s 128 year-old history in Australia and its expansion as a multidisciplinary practice with a corporate advisory arm, Cornwalls Capital. The launch also sees Russells Law in Sydney, and McKays Lawyers in Brisbane, partnering under the Cornwalls banner to expand the presence of the firm in Australia.

“Cornwalls is more than just a law firm,” says Levent Shevki, CEO and Partner of Cornwalls. “In building on our track record and heritage of success, we have fostered strong partnerships in Brisbane and Sydney as well as leveraging our established capital arm to position the business to offer clients expanded capabilities and services to provide more than legal expertise to support our clients.”


The firm describes itself as Law + More with its multi-disciplinary focus offering clients access to a wide range of legal expertise.

As a part of the brand launch, boutique mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance firm AE Jarrah Capital Group moves into the Cornwalls group as Cornwalls Capital. Cornwalls Capital currently has offices in Melbourne, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong, and continues to be a natural partner with Cornwalls to provide its corporate clients with legal services.

In tandem with the brand launch, the Melbourne office is implementing a detailed strategy that positions its talent and culture as the cornerstone of its business. In a bold move to pivot away from a traditional law firm model, leadership aims to empower and grant autonomy to individuals by supporting initiatives born of shared passion and values. To match the level of innovation happening in its business model, the firm is implementing smart technology like Teamgage and adapting an internal culture that appoints employees as the value creators.


“The centerpiece of our approach is our people,” says John Hutchings, Chairman of Cornwalls.


“Innovation usually refers to technology and while we have that too, our focus is embedding innovation into our culture by trusting the leadership of our peers and redistributing the authority to initiate change from the board to across the entire firm.”

The internal shift towards this leadership model started several years ago, but has been gaining momentum after Levent stepped into the role of CEO of Cornwalls last year. The result of the new agile environment can be seen in the establishment of an Asia desk.

“Where our vision aligns is in prioritising the quality of the work and using innovation to simplify the complex processes that characterises the legal industry,” says Ian Heathwood, partner at Cornwalls in Brisbane. “By collaborating with the other offices to expand our services, we are adding even more value to our clients at every step of their business journey.”

The new brand identity revealed to the public takes design inspiration from the firm’s celebrated history and its ambitious vision for the future. While the form is rooted in the simple typography of the letter C, the multicoloured concentric circles represent the areas of expertise at Cornwalls, while the pattern is reminiscent of the rings found inside a tree trunk; a reference to the firm’s longevity.

“Cornwalls has a proud history of supporting its workers, from hiring the first female lawyer in Australia to creating dynamic workplaces today,” says Paul McCann, leading Partner of Cornwalls in Sydney and one of Australia’s best commercial litigators. “Law is a tough industry with long hours and hard work. But what drives our people is the pursuit of excellence, and as leaders we must find sustainable ways to foster it.”

Release date 29 March 2019