Russells Sydney partners are absolutely delighted to be practising as part of the Cornwalls group.

It has always been the holy grail of law offices to have a physical presence in the eastern seaboard states. Many have tried for years to pull off these arrangements but have failed.

With the Cornwalls group, we have achieved this in one fell swoop.

This required the bringing together of lawyers with a strong market presence in their fields of endeavour, and a shared vision to bring about the best possible experience for their clients – including a speedy, accurate and competitively priced service.

When joining Cornwalls, it became apparent from the outset that we had a shared vision of what we wanted our clients to experience. Going forward, we will be building on Cornwalls’ strong and respected name in the legal marketplace (a name that dates back over 100 years), which will give our Sydney practice an immediate recognition that would otherwise have taken many years to forge – notwithstanding the strength of the Sydney practitioners. Furthermore, joining the Cornwalls group will open up an extensive range of services that we do not presently offer, and will enable our clients to move freely up the eastern seaboard – with the same look and feel they have experienced in the states.

Our model leaves each state office to go about their day-to-day functions as they have previously done, but with a uniformity of a shared vision, client service and exposure to a group of first-class practitioners and precedents that, once again, would have taken an independent office many years to pull together – if at all.

Again, we are absolutely delighted and excited about our future in the Cornwalls group. You will certainly be hearing more of us as we build our clients’ businesses by providing excellence in client service.

Paul McCann, Partner in Charge