The Australasian member firms of ALFA International are pleased to present this compendium of security of payment legislation across the region and trust that it will be a useful guide for those working in the construction industry.

ALFA International, the Global Legal Network, was founded in 1980 and is one of the largest legal networks in the world. It has over 145 independent law firms as members and provides a full international law capability without compromising the independence of its members. ALFA International members offer high quality, timely, seamless, innovative and cost-effective legal services around Australasia and around the world.

Just as our businesses take us interstate and overseas, our clients in the construction industry are taking opportunities to broaden their client bases and expand their businesses. With security of payment legislation now in place around Australasia, everyone involved in the construction industry has to deal with this legislation from time to time. Unfortunately for those in the industry, the various governments have decided to introduce their own legislation rather than trying to agree on a series of uniform Acts and this often causes difficulty and confusion for those moving into new jurisdictions. The problems which our clients have experienced in adapting their practices from jurisdiction to jurisdiction led the Australasian member firms of ALFA International to create this compendium – in the hope that it might make life easier for those who have to deal regularly with this legislation.

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